Saves you time !! No Need to Wait for Drying or Hazing!! Immediately bonds to paint surface !!


Clean & Repair Your Paint!!

Removes micro scratches & swirls!! Takes off Stubborn Paint Stains like Rust, Grease, Tar and Other Surface Elements!

Shining MonkeyTM Clean & Repair Treatment is your first application for a perfect finish. Our formula has been fused with P.T.F.E. and the highest quality Brazilian Carnauba Wax to produce amazing results in a fraction of the time then competitive products. This formula will Clean & Repair your paint surface by removing unsightly micro swirls/scratches, paint stains, and contaminants. Safe on all paint surfaces and clear coats, our polish will restore a brilliant shine by removing oxidation and reduce fading. This easy on/easy off formula will not leave behind any chalky white residue and can by applied by hand or with an orbital buffer. For best results, follow this application with our Color Enhance Treatment.

Clean & Repair Treatment 16 fl. oz (473ml)

  • Contains Carnauba Wax and P.T.F.E. resin
  • Immediately bonds to paint surface
  • No hazing or waiting… On and off in One Step!!
  • No chalk, dust, or residue
  • Cleans and repairs paint surface
  • Nano Technology
  • Removes micro scratches, swirls and surface stains
  • Removes oxidation
  • Safe to use with a polisher/buffer 

Use as a single treatment or as Step 1 of a 3 Stage process.  Follow this application with our Color Enhance Treatment for amazing results


Monkey Tip…

Work small areas at a time and use a small amount of polish. It will speed up the process.

To remove scratches and swirls, apply and rub at 45 degree angles of the scratch.

Always use a mircofiber towel for best results.

For stubborn stains, allow the liquid to penetrate then buff away