Shining Monkey Seal & Protect


Saves you Time!! No Need to wait for Drying or Hazing!!! Immediately bonds to paint surface!!


Wax Your Vehicle in Half the Time!! No Waiting, No Hazing, No Dust or Chalk!!

One Step Application!!    Bonds to the Surface While You Apply!! 

Shining MonkeyTM  Seal & Protect Treatment is the ultimate sealer and protector that will strengthen your clear coat. This is a 1-STEP! application that does not require you to wait for the product to dry or haze before removing it. It bonds immediately to the paint surface and disappears as you are applying it. No Mess! No Dust!, No Chalk! Wax your vehicle in half the time!! This treatment will condition your paint by sealing in a deep glass like finish and protecting the surface from harmful UV rays and harsh elements. This easy on/easy off formula will not leave behind any chalky white residue and can by applied by hand or with an orbital buffer. Apply as a single treatment or the last application in our three step treatment process!


Seal & Protect Treatment 16 fl. oz (473ml)

  • Formulated with Nano Technology
  • Promotes H igh Surface Tension
  • Bonds immediately to the paint surface
  • One Step application!!
  • Builds multiple layers of protection
  • No dust, No chalk, No residue!!
  • No need to wait for drying or hazing
  • Beads water for months!
  • Super Glossy Shine

Use as a Single Treatment or as the final Step in a 3- Stage process!


Monkey Tip…

Work small areas at a time and use a small amount of wax. It will speed up the process.

Work the wax into the paint and stretch it to cover as much surface area as possible. Keep working it in until it disappears.

Always use a microfiber towel when working on your paint and remember to fold the seams in to prevent possible damage