DPF Fluid

Professional product developed as replacement for soot filter fluids used by various manufacturers in onboard dosing systems. The DPF fluid makes it possible to burn soot particles quickly,  completely and regularly at a lower combustion temperature.


  • Combustion of accumulated soot particles.
  • Trouble-free functioning of the DPF and catalytic system.
  • Reduction of smoke and CO2 emissions.


  • Extended DPF life.
  • Stops clogging of DPF
  • Universal


Universal product, it can be used in all diesel cars with a refillable onboard dosing system for DPF regeneration.

Directions for use

This product is for professional use only and the instructions provided by the automotive manufacturer have to be followed.

Depends from automotive manufacturer to automotive manufacturer.

Tool available for filling different types of reservoirs.

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