The Terra-S Mobil Kit is ideal for small and medium-sized vehicles.

Small and compact, it fits even in the smallest boot without taking up much space. Mobil Kit allows you to repair a flat tyre quickly and in a clean way, without the efforts of having to remove your wheel.

Simply squeeze the 450 ml sealant into the tyre and inflate with the 12V Mini Compressor. Punctures of up to 6 mm are quickly sealed, allowing you to continue your journey (at max. 80 km/h). You only need 12 minutes and don’t have to wait for the towing service or change the wheel yourself. The OEM quality sealant is TPMS safe and has a shelf life of 4 years. You can also use the compressor in your spare time to inflate air mattresses, balls, etc. (the adapters are included). Likewise, if you only need to refill some air, you save yourself the trip to the gas station.