Keeping your rims, exhaust pipes, and other metal surfaces clean and polished just got a whole lot easier with our Shining Monkey Metal Polish Pad.

It is pre-saturated with our unique formula that makes it easier to use. It’s your applicator and polish all in one.

Simply cut a small piece of the cloth off (approx 2cm long) and apply it directly onto any metal surface. The solution will do all the work. Hard rubbing is no longer necessary and the residue buffs off easily.

Our unique polymer blend keeps metal surfaces brighter – longer without any greasy residue. The only thing left behind is the shine.

  • Perfect for exhausts and engine parts
  • Amazing for motorcycles and boats
  • Safe on all metal surfaces
  • Ultra Bright shine finish
  • Removes oxidation
  • No greasy residue
  • Use it on Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Magnesium, Bronze, Nickel, Copper, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Chrome

Monkey Tip…

Cut off a small piece approx 2-3cm long. This should be enough to apply the solution onto all of the metal surfaces on your vehicle.

Polishing takes place upon removal, not when you are applying the solution. The solution will turn white and show you if you missed any spots

Use a microfiber towel to remove the solution. The more you rub, the brighter the metal will become.

Fast vigorous rubbing will create surface friction and heat. This will give you the ultimate results.