Shining Monkey Fabric Protector

Easy to use, heavy duty protection, dries odor-free, longer lasting, great for fine leather, safe for all fabrics!


Revolutionary Formula Dries Quick and Odor Free!

Protect your fabrics against spills and stains!  Will NOT change the Color or Feel of the fabric!  No Odor!! Quick Drying!!

Our Shining MonkeyTM revolutionary Fabric Protector was developed to protect the most exotic materials from unsightly spills and stains. This quick and easy to use spray makes protecting your prized interior pain free. Strong enough to protect convertible tops and gentle enough for your most delicate suede or leather. Your fabric will be protected and bead water just like wax on a car!! It will not leave behind any odor, nor will it discolor or leave a sticky film or residue when it dries. It will not affect the look, feel, or breath-ability of the material. Spray and let dry! Follow our instructions!!