Stay in control with its intuitive interface

Once paired with your telephone via Bluetooth®, the CK3100 LCD connects and synchronises automatically. You can accept or reject an incoming call with a single press of the corresponding button, or navigate through its easy interface to call the person of your choice. With voice recognition, you can even control your CK directly through speech. Everything is designed for you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.


Make the most of your vehicle’s audio capabilities.

The CK3100 LCD uses Parrot’s signal-processing know-how and combines the best sound-reduction and echo-cancellation technology. Voices are rid of any interference and your calls benefit from excellent sound quality! The Parrot CK3100 LCD connects directly to your vehicle’s audio system. Your conversations and the voice menus are broadcast over the speakers. If you’re listening to music, no need to do anything to take a call – it stops automatically and starts again at the end of your conversation


Don’t miss any information

Thanks to its LCD screen, the Parrot CK3100 directly displays your mobile telephone’s information: incoming call number, contact list, history, and more. The ultra-intuitive interface has three buttons, and can be set up and positioned on the dashboard however you want