GLIMMERMANN All Purpose Cleaner is a great multi-surface product that can be used throughout your car. It can be used on surfaces such as interior dashboards as well as under arches and on alloy wheels. APC is specially formulated for use in vehicles. Useful for almost any task that requires the removal of dirt and grime on cars, lorries and buses.
INSIDE: Cleans all interior plastics, fabrics and trim. OUTSIDE: Tough on flies, brake dust and wheel arches.

Instructions for use:
Spray directly onto any dirty surface and remove with a microfibre cloth or with a high pressure washer on exterior surfaces.

Mix 100-200ml of this APC with 1L of water and spray on to tackle most general cleaning tasks on all types of vehicles. Increase the concentration if necessary on the toughest jobs.
Dilute up to a ratio of 1:50.


Order Code : GLI068